Shires Partnership Limited

Consulting in Insurance, Reinsurance and Risk Financing

Expert Witness Work

see ExpertWitness

Manage Corporate Risks

Few corporate managers have the time or the desire to penetrate the obscurities of insurance. It takes expertise to

  • Define a company's insurance requirements
  • Evaluate insurance offers
  • Ensure that the offer fits the requirements

Advice which is independent from the purchasing process can make a big difference in the value your company extracts from its insurance.

Manage Insurers' Risks

Insurers make money by taking risk and getting paid to do so. An independent review can provide greater certainty that the company is running only the risk it intends to run:

  • Expert portfolio reviews also called "Peer Reviews" (terms, conditions, pricing)
          (see PortfolioReviews)
  • Review reinsurance protections (see Optimise)

Manage specific expertise

Reinsurance is a specific skill set: it can be learned, but it takes training:

  • Prepare for a new management job:
          Risk Officer of an insurance company (see RiskOfficer)